Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Master Brooks's Bookses: MY FIRST DAY

          Grammy Dee came to visit me last weekend, so you know what that means: I must do a book review. Actually, I don’t mind because I love books and I enjoy sharing my thoughts about them. Today I’m reviewing My First Day by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page. My Aunt Audrey bought this book for me at the San Diego Zoo and sent it to me for my birthday. (Did you catch that? Birthday? Yes, I’m now three years old!) If you can't make it to San Diego to pick up a copy, don't fret. You can order it on Amazon.
            It’s ironic that Aunt Audrey sent this particular book to me now that I’m such a big boy, because My First Day is all about what animals do when they are tiny babies—only one day old. On the day they're born, some animals are  as helpless as human babies and must depend on their parents for everything. On their first day, kittens can’t see OR hear. Other animals, like the kiwi, are expected to survive on their own the minute they hatch out of an egg. I think that would be very scary! I learned many other interesting facts about baby animals from this book. For instance, did you know on the day a baby zebra is born, his mother memorizes his unique stripe pattern and can pick him out of a herd of hundreds of zebras? I also learned the names of unusual animals. Do you know what a sifaka or a capybara is? No? Well, read this book and you will! And you can get further information about the animals from the illustrated guide in the back.
            I promise you will love learning all the fascinating facts about the baby animals in this book. You will also enjoy the colorful pictures of the babies and their parents.

Aunt Audrey also sent me this cool t-shirt from the zoo. If
I look unhappy in this picture, it's not because I don't like
my shirt or my book. It's because I don't like standing still
long enough to get my picture taken.


  1. What a big vocabulary you are building! I've never heard of a sifaka or a capybara. Those would be good to know for a word tournament. Keep reading!

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Bryant, for commenting on my review. Yes, those would be good words for the tournament. Maybe I'll send them by way of Grammy Dee!

  2. Your Aunt Audrey did a great job picking that out - thanks for sharing it with us! But don't let Grammy Dee use your new words - she must come up with her OWN words for any tournament!

  3. You are so kind to do the review. You are such a tolerant boy to allow Grammy Dee to take a photo, too. She really shouldn't expect you to share your words with her for a tournament. I agree with Shel. She should find her own.

    1. Ms. Harrington and Ms. Bryant, I shared your thoughts with Grammy Dee about using my words for the tournament. In her usual gracious manner, she agreed not to use them. "Anyway," she explained, "I have some killer words of my own I can use."
      Thank you both for reading and responding to my review!


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