About Me

I live with my husband Bill and our rescue dog Jack in Edmond, Oklahoma. After twenty-three years of teaching high school English and coaching girls tennis, I'm enjoying retirement and wondering why it took me so long to find my true calling. 😉 But that doesn't mean I'm taking it easy. In 2011, I published my YA novel, Beyond the Farthest Star. Now I'm proud to announce my latest writing effort, Some of Form of Grace, will be available in October of 2017. When I'm not writing, I'm filling my days with the things I love: traveling between Oregon and Nashville to visit family (which includes two adorable grandsons), taking lots of vacations, reading, exercising, and volunteering at my church.

Meet Jack. He looks a little confused here
because I woke him from a nap to take his
picture. We're not sure exactly what he's a
mix of, but whatever it is, he's pretty much