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Dee Dee Chumley taught high school English for twenty-three years, coaching girls tennis eleven of those. When she retired, she put to use the skills she’d learned and taught through the years by writing for contests and publication. She has won and placed in numerous contests, and in 2012, her YA novel Beyond the Farthest Star won Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. Best Juvenile Book. In 2017, she was a finalist in the Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest and was published in their anthology. Also in 2017, she self-published her novel Some Form of Grace. Her chapter book series, Ron The Red, The Courageous Bearded Dragon began as a joint effort with her grandson Brooks and his pet bearded dragon, Ron. Ron Finds His Courage won the OWFI Best Juvenile Book in 2023. Book 2 of the series, Ron's Unlikely Friend, was published in August, 2023. 

Chumley has given presentations for schools, writing groups, book clubs, and church groups. 

Ron Finds His Courage

Independent Bookstore Day Celebration

Paper Pages Bookstore, Frontier Country Museum

Crescent, OK

April 29, 2023


Book Fair, 

Crescent Elementary School

October 12, 2022

Storytime, Commonplace Books, Edmond

July 23, 2022

Storytime, Best of Books in Edmond,

June 25, 2022


 Piedmont Public Library Summer Reading Kickoff

June 4, 2022




Book Launch for Ron Finds His Courage at Cities Ice Cream,
May 14, 2022

Some Form of Grace 

Book Club, Winter 2018

New Covenant Methodist Church, 
December, 2018

Wordwrights, OKC Christian Writers
April, 2018

Some Form of Grace is the story of Gracene, an ex-offender who pretends to be a Christian in order to take part in a church-sponsored re-entry program. Inspired by stories from such a  program in Oklahoma City, this inspirational novel addresses issues such as:

*    Childhood trauma that can lead to incarceration 

   Barriers to re-entering and adjusting to life "outside"

*    Getting beyond a broken past

*    Considering oneself to be beyond redemption

*    The forms of grace that lead to freedom

Some Form of Grace, besides being an engaging story of one woman's struggle, generates many questions which can lead to thought-provoking discussions for book clubs and church groups.

Ron Finds His Courage is the story of a pet bearded dragon who dreams of being courageous like his ancestors. One night he discovers a pair of magical wings which enables him to embark on a quest to discover the source of courage. But the chapter book, aimed at children ages 6-9, is more than an entertaining fantasy. The foremost theme is using our unique, God-given gifts to overcome fears and accomplish our goals. Other ideas also generate valuable discussions with children. Among them: 

* What is courage?

* What ultimately motivates Ron to face his fear? 

* Do we all have the same talents or abilities? Is one talent or ability more                                       important than another?

*  What is perseverance? How does it help when trying to accomplish challenging tasks or solving problems?

Ron Finds His Courage addresses these questions in a fun and imaginative way as well as includes a glossary and “beardie” facts.  

In Book 2, Ron's Unlikely Friend, Ron must meets Prince Caruso, a guest who is different from him in looks and personality. At first, Ron isn't sure he likes Caruso at all, but when the frog is facing danger, Ron's compassion for a fellow creature sends him on a dangerous rescue mission. On this mission, Ron re-visits what it means to have courage and makes a very unlikely friend. 

Possible discussion topics:    

*    Do we all think, look alike?

*    Does each personality have its special merits?

*    Do our friends need to look like us?

*                               *    What qualities do we appreciate in a friend?

I would love to visit your classroom, library, church, or special event to do a reading, lead a discussion, and/or (with children) provide an activity. I will work with you to customize a presentation that best fits your needs.

 If you are interested in setting up a visit, I can be contacted at


Will work with you on funds available and/or opportunity to sell books.

Books are available at:

Some Form of Grace ISBN 978-0-692-94148-5. $11.95


Best of Books in Edmond, Oklahoma

Paper Pages Bookstore, Crescent, Oklahoma

Ron Finds His Courage ISBN 978-0-578-38703-1 $9.00


Best of Books in Edmond, Oklahoma

Paper Pages Bookstore, Crescent, Oklahoma

Ron's Unlikely Friend


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