Ron the Red


Ron the Red, the Courageous Bearded Dragon

Book 1: Ron Finds His Courage

by Dee Dee Chumley

and Brooks

Ron, a red bearded dragon, lives a contented life with his boys, Brooks and Bennie Stop It. Yet Ron dreams of being like his daring, fearsome, and, most of all, courageous dragon ancestors. One night he finds a pair of wings which transforms him into Ron the Red. Emboldened by his new abilities to fly and breathe fire--and prodded by his rumbling tummy--Ron attempts to retrieve a blueberry from the kitchen, a room full of dangers like sharp objects and hot liquids. Most frightening, though, the kitchen is guarded by a dangerous monster. Will Ron be brave enough to confront him?

What an exciting year for Ron Finds His Courage! So much fun visiting book fairs, doing story times, celebrating Independent Bookstore Day, and so much more. To top it off, Ron Finds His Courage was named Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. Best Juvenile Book of 2023. 

A big "Thank You!" to everyone who bought books, attended events, posted reviews, and sent your picture to be shown with Ron on Facebook!

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Book 2: Ron's Unlikely Friend

Ron’s calm world turns to chaos once again with the arrival of unwelcome guest Prince Caruso. The loudmouthed tree frog’s nonstop talking and singing disturbs the entire household and results in the frog’s banishment to the basement. When monster-dog Cerberus threatens Caruso in that dark, terrifying place, Ron doesn’t want to come to the aid of the annoying amphibian. But his guilty conscience won’t let him sleep, so Ron plans a rescue. The only problem: Can Ron find the courage to carry out this dangerous mission?