Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Star-Studded Night!

Back LtoR: Sonia Gensler, Martha Bryant, Karen Cooper, me, Shel Harrington, Brandi Barnett
Front: Lisa Marotta, Kelly Bristow

Last Friday night the fantastic Inklings (the OKC ones, not the Oxford ones) feted me with A Novel Idea party. Lisa Marotta "borrowed" this idea from a conference she attended, and whenever one of our members publishes a book, we throw a party in her honor. Last June we celebrated the debut of Sonia Gensler's The Revenant. Unfortunately, we hadn't yet begun our tradition when Brandi Barnett published her YA novel Glamour, but we'll definitely be celebrating her next novel which is currently in the works. I told the ladies I hadn't felt so special or had so much attention lavished on me since I gave birth over thirty years ago! I felt like a movie star, but the real stars of the evening were my friends who put together a "celestial" celebration.
  Our "heavenly hosts" Sal and Lisa Marotta
Our "divine" desserts--angel and star cupcakes (angel food!) from GiGi's Cupcakes.
And take note of the beautiful invitation and star emblazoned gift bags!

Whimsical angels danced amid stars and candlelight.
They shared the table with delicious pasta (angel hair, of course!) with pesto
or red sauce, salad, wine, and Sal's out-of-this-universe garlic bread.
And as if all that wasn't enough, I was showered with a "galaxy" of gifts! (Am I getting carried away with my heaven imagery here? Sorry, I can't help myself.)
Do you see the gift that says, Name a Star? They gave me my VERY OWN STAR!!!
How cool is that?
An idea is forming in my brain for a contest and prize! Keep checking my blog
for details coming in the very near future.

And finally...
I received this beautiful angel. When the light shines just right, she "glows with a luster that seems to come from within."
 The engraving on her gown reads: Faith makes all things possible. Love makes it easy.
There's nothing I can add to that.