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How to Write a Book Review

According to information I’ve read, a book either lives or dies by the number of reviews it receives. However, I think many readers are reluctant to write a review because they’re not sure of what to say. If  there is a book you've enjoyed and would like to share it with other readers, I want to make it easy for you. You certainly aren't restricted to this information, but for those who might be intimidated by the process (or are still traumatized by the book reports you had to write in school), I’m offering the following guide. I hope it helps. 
What is your overall reaction to the book?
I ... enjoyed, thoroughly enjoyed, loved ... this book. Or you can go in the opposite direction.

What did you specifically like about it?
I especially liked ... the character(s), the plot, the underlying message, the suspense, etc. (You can include more than one.)

Why did you like this? 
I could identify with the main character’s ... journey of faith; anger; sense of being unwanted, unloved, unworthy; etc.
I appreciated the book's message of ... hope? faith? overcoming great odds?
The plot ... drew me right in to the story; kept me turning pages; took some unexpected directions, etc.

What, if anything, didn’t you like?
I felt that one weakness(es) of the book was/were ... characters weren’t realistic; problems were too easily solved; situations weren’t believable, etc. 

Would you recommend this book and to what types of readers?
Overall, this book was a ...worthwhile, informative, enlightening, uplifting  ... read, and I would (strongly, highly) recommend it to readers who are ... on their own faith journey, interested in social issues, etc. 

That's it! Not as hard as you thought, huh? And you don't have to worry about anyone grading it!


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