Saturday, May 10, 2014

Perfect Way to Say "Happy Mother's Day!"

Happy Mother's Day, Mama.
I love you!
       I'll admit it: I hate picking out greeting cards. And I especially hate it when the occasion calls for something seriously heart-felt. For the most part, my family is not now and never has been into "mush." That makes it extremely difficult to find a Mother's Day card for my mother. One that strikes a good balance between syrupy sweet poetry stating what a perfect mother she is and...let's say...Maxine  issuing a warning about mixing medications. However, this year, after several minutes hours in CVS, I finally came up with an appropriate card, and I managed to get it in the mail so she'll receive it in time. (I think.)
     But wouldn't you know, just when I'm feeling very smug about my accomplishment, I actually do find a way to say exactly what I want. I can't put it in the mail, but I can share it here. And while it does get  a little mushy in parts, it tells the truth about "perfect" mothering. So Mama, this is for you and all mothers who are “lavish in love, extravagant in truth, big spenders of grace.”



  1. That was really neat, Dee Dee. And I can sooooo relate about the difficulty in finding just the right card for my folks. Do you know how many Father's cards refer to how patient he was? Unless I'm going for comic relief, that knocks out about 50% of the choices. Another 45% to the mush factor. Maybe we should start up a greeting card line - I don't think we're the only two with this issue!

    1. Oh, yeah, Shel. If I had chosen a Mother's Day card from 95% of those out there, she would've double checked the return address to see who it was from. I think you're on to something with the greeting card idea. And I like your entrepreneurial spirit! (Yes, I had to look up the spelling of "entrepreneurial.")


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