Saturday, March 15, 2014

Productive Piddling

            No other season brings out the piddler in me like spring does. When summer temps soar to the high nineties, I wilt faster than impatiens in direct afternoon sunlight. Winter’s chill finds me huddled in my recliner cocooned in terry robe, flannel pajamas, and chenille throw. I do a little better in fall, when that cooling-off period re-energizes me somewhat. But it’s a subdued energy, mostly directed toward storing and protecting—“battening down the hatches”—in preparation for winter.  Spring, however...that's when my piddling rises to an art form.

             The best time for humanity to come to life is when nature is doing the same. The first day I can walk outside sans layers of protective clothing, I do my happy dance. I tour my yard, taking note of what survived the snow and freezing temperatures and what didn’t. I scan the top of a high, bare tree branch to locate the chirping cardinal who’s marking out territory for his summer home.
             And I piddle.
            In fact, piddling is why this post is overdue. It’s hard to sit at a computer when rites of spring are begging to be observed. Rites such as decking out the kitchen in its spring “wardrobe,”  taking my bike out for a quick spin to warm up muscles that have lain as dormant as sleeping plants, strolling the “seasonal” aisle of the grocery store to inspect the Easter candy and gimcrack.  And two sunshiny days in a row insist I go outside and dig...something...anything. It’s too early to plant, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dig.
            A while back, I posted my definition of piddling, defended it as a time-honored tradition, and explained what distinguishes it from CWT (Complete Waste of Time). As evidence that my time hasn’t been wasted, I’m providing proof of my productive piddling. But the most valuable outcome of my piddling—my improved attitude—can’t be shown in a picture. You’ll  have to take my word for that.
              The results of this past week's piddling:

The kitchen went from its winter wardrobe...
             to its summer one. 

 Actually, I did do some planting. Got the jump on springtime by trying my hand at a little hot house gardening. We'll see how that turns out.

This is what it's supposed to look like. I'll keep you posted.

                                          Bushes were trimmed and flower beds cleaned,
and most importantly...
Easter baskets got filled and readied for delivery!
(Nothing says Happy Easter like Dusty Cropduster.)
          What about you? Has spring brought out your inner piddler?


  1. That's "Dusty Crophopper."

    Will you come plant stuff for me? Or show me how?

    1. Aaack! I knew "Dusty Cropduster" didn't sound right--a little redundant. I should've had Brooks proof this for me. :-)
      I'd be glad to show you how to plant, but you might want to wait and see how my hot house project turns out.

  2. Sounds productive indeed. I love that little greenhouse - I may need to find me one of those to get a start on the herbs I enjoy.

    1. I bought the greenhouse at Big Lots at the end of summer last year. I saw them the other day when I was in there, but you probably won't get the great deal I did--half price!

  3. My aunt used to refer to children peeing as "piddling," as in "Do you need to piddle?" I appreciate seeing your pictures because you can imagine the ones in my head! Love the yellow in the kitchen! :-)

    1. Oh, my! Glad the picture cleared up things for you, Natine! :-)

  4. You are definitely a productive piddler! I'm completely impressed with your gardening prowess.

    "I tour my yard, taking note of what survived the snow and freezing temperatures and what didn’t."

    People have had to tell me things were dead because I just thought they were dormant. For example, we had a tree die on us last year, but I couldn't believe it was dead because I'd actually watered that one!


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