Monday, March 19, 2012

Screamin' and Kickin'

            I have a confession. When someone first proposed I write a blog, my immediate choice for a title was Screamin’ and Kickin’. That was the attitude I had toward it. With a gazillion blogs floating around in cyberspace, I wonder there hasn’t been some cataclysmic collision bringing internet traffic to a complete standstill. What could I say that hasn’t already been said and probably in a much more erudite or amusing way? But three reasons convinced me to stick my toe into that vast, never-ending ocean of blogs.
            The first arose out of necessity: shameless self-promotion. A big part of being a writer—if you want your book read—is promoting it yourself. This applies whether you’re a New York Times best-selling author or a newbie selling books out of the trunk of your car (like me). And what people might not understand is that many writers are basically introverts. As a rule, we don’t make good salesmen. But with the invention of the computer and new innovations in publishing, millions—or more like billions—found a much easier way for their inner-authors to emerge. Competition skyrocketed, forcing writers to “self-promote" or perish. Platform became the new buzzword in the publishing market. An author without a “platform” is like a surgeon with missing fingers: success might be possible, but the odds aren’t good. And so my blog is my platform. Maybe a bit rickety right now, but I’m working on it.
            Secondly, like most writers, I have thoughts swimming around in my head almost every waking hour. Digging in my flowerbed, walking the dog, cleaning house...ideas come to me. Sometimes when I wish they wouldn’t. Sometimes those waking hours creep far into the night.  Those ideas aren’t always brilliant or cutting edge, but still I’d like to share them, bounce them off a few people, get some feedback. So, I figured, maybe the idea of a blog wasn’t so far-fetched. Attracting readers, disciplining myself to update the blog regularly—those could be issues. But thinking of something to write about? Not a problem.
            Finally, wise words from friend and relentless encourager Lisa urged me to “cross the Rubicon,” “just do it,” “write it and they will come.” (She didn’t bombard me with those clich├ęs, but you get the idea.) She countered my argument of “who's going to read it?” with “that’s not your problem. Your job is to write it.” So that’s what I’m doing.
            Please bear with me. I realize this is a LONG post. And I promise that in the future, they won’t all be about ME, ME, ME!  But I felt I needed something in the way of introduction/explanation before I completely dive into the new direction of my blog.

Next Post: What the Heck is Gimcrack?   




  1. I was kind of wondering about the "gimcrack" thing, myself.

  2. I started a blog for the same reasons! I love what Lisa said about writing it being the job.

  3. Go for it Dee Dee--you are on a roll, even if you are "screamin' and kickin'!"

  4. You go, girl!

    Frak the platform and just be you -- you are AWESOME and I can't wait to read about the things that bring you joy and/or set your brain to buzzing.


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